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Roger at a neighbors house with the family
Roger talking with reporter
Roger with a local family
Housing and Homelessness

Homelessness is an urgent issue affecting everyone, especially the unhoused. We are a community full of resourceful families and proud neighborhoods. Still, it’s easy to see North Sacramento needs more care, attention, and resources than it has been getting. 

Working with the Housing Concepts Coalition, I have a proven track record of advocating for affordable housing initiatives and collaborating with community organizations to bring much-needed investments. 

No one should be left to weather the storms of life on our streets. We can reduce homelessness if we commit resources and services to prevent it initially while providing family support measures, expanding mental health interventions, and offering a full spectrum of housing options to the unhoused.

Now is the time to rewrite the narrative of homelessness and create a city where dignity and opportunity flourish.


​​​​In North Sacramento, we can no longer let crime define us. We must have a vision of safety that transcends traditional approaches and embraces the power of community. To create neighborhoods where all residents can feel safe and respected, we must build a community where trust thrives, and law enforcement and residents collaborate as partners.

Community-based policing fosters meaningful connections between law enforcement and community members. I founded "Yes to Youth" and helped establish “Birth and Beyond” to invest in youth development initiatives, from early intervention for at-risk youth to job training and educational opportunities.

Additionally, we must recognize the importance of identifying the appropriate first responders for each situation by ensuring that mental health professionals and social workers are correctly integrated into our emergency response system. By responding to crises with care and expertise, we can de-escalate situations, provide support, promote healing, and increase public safety. 


​​My success with job creation is why President Obama's Administration asked me to put job-creating stimulus money to work in Sacramento.

I've balanced government budgets and created over 15,000 jobs. I will work to bring new high-tech, green, and clean industries to North Sacramento.  Renewable energy sources and clean technologies are long-term jobs that cannot be outsourced cheaply overseas. We can combine the expansion of our housing supply with new vitality for our small and local businesses to create active, attractive, and vibrant commercial corridors.

Over the past 25 years, I have been involved in projects that have brought thousands of jobs to Sacramento, including leading the effort to keep the Sacramento Kings in town, the transition of McClellan Air Force Base into a thriving economic center, and the construction of a new primary health care center for Sacramento.

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